Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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[Nytra, Nitria, Nyitra, Neutra]

Nitra District, Nitra Province

St Ladislaus’ RC Church (Piarist)

The Piarist church and monastery is a Baroque complex built in stages. First the college building was erected (1701) and in 1714 work was begun on the monastery. The school building followed in 1723, and only in 1742 was the church built. With its monumental twin-towered frontage, the church was situated in a square courtyard. The church nave is extended on both sides with three rectilineal chapels, which are open to the nave space. There is a sacristy extension on the northern side to the elongated sanctuary with straight apse. The church has Prussian vaulting. The organ is in the choir opposite the main altar.

Present Instruments in the Building