Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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[Hroněc, Garamszek, Garamszeg, Garamseg]

Banská Bystrica District, Banská Bystrica Province

Lutheran Church [Articular Church, Wooden Church]

Wooden articular church, built on walled foundations in 1725 – 1726. Ground-plan schema of a central Protestant church. Board vaulting at the corners supported by wooden spiralled columns. Positive is located above the altar.

History of the Organs in the Object

The predecessor of the present Positive was a 5 stop Positive, which organ builder Martin Zorkovský of Kremnica built for the “articular” church in Hronsek in 1725. From Hronsek it was sold in 1764 to the Lutheran Church in Ladzany, where it was eventually kept in the parish barn. After reconstruction carried out probably in the 1980s, the instrument was located in the Slovak National Museum at Bratislava Castle.

Present Instruments in the Building