Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Poprad - Vežká

[Velka, Welka, Felka, Fölk, Völk]

Poprad District, Prešov Province

Lutheran Church

Classicist church built in 1817 on the ground-plan of an equal-armed cross with segmented altar apse. Space has three bays of Prussian vaulting with interjacent strips. A walled gallery goes continuously round the space. The organ is in the gallery opposite the altar. In 1817, soon after the church's completion, the Lutherans transferred to it the organ which in 1788 they had acquired for their wooden Tolerance church dating from 1783. On the erection of the new organ in 1853 – 1856 they sold the old organ to Švábovce, where it was destroyed by fire some years later.

Present Instruments in the Building