Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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[Bartfa, Bartfeldt, Bardiow, Bardejow, Bardiuv]

Bardejov District, Prešov Province

St Egidius’ RC Parish Church [Cathedral; from 23.12.2000 Basilica minor]

Church built about 1415, probably on the site of a previous church of the Cistercians, whose order was established in Bardejov by 1247. In 1427 the parish church was referred to as a triple-nave basilica with simple arcades and cross vaulting in the aisles. In 1448 – 1458 Master Nicholas of Bardejov erected the presbytery and sacristy, above which is the oratory and chapel of St Catherine. In 1464 Master Stephen of Košice replaced the presbytery vault with a new net vault. Master Urban raised the central nave of the church and vaulted it with an irregular net vault; under his direction a vestibule and chapels of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Andrew and Saint Elizabeth were erected on the south side of the church in 1482 – 1486. In 1482 – 1485 Master Urban was also engaged in raising the tower on the west side, mentioned already in 1419; this work was concluded in 1486 – 1494 by Master J. Stemasek of Anspach. Louis and Bernard Pel of Lugano made renaissance-style alterations to the vestibule facade; these were removed at the end of the 19th century. After a fire in 1669 which seriously damaged the building, a separate renaissance-style belfry was erected in front of the church on the south side. This was removed in 1900. The upper part of the gothic tower completed in 1856 was reconstructed in 1886 – 1898 under the supervision of the architect F. Schulek, who directed the regothicisation of the church undertaken after the fire of 1878. The renovation was completed in 1899.

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