Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Josef Melzer


* 1871, Kutná Hora (Czech Republic)
† 1958, Canada

Josef Melzer was among the last members of an organ building family whose roots stretched into the mid-19th century. He gained experience in Vienna and in Frankfurt an der Oder with Sauer. Shortly after World War I he extended his firm and renamed it "Josef Melzer". It produced a number of notable organs, in particular one for the Jirásek Theatre in Hronov (1929) and the organ in St. James's Church in Kutná Hora (1947, IV / 100). After 1948 he emigrated to Canada. Employees of his firm set up the Organa Cooperative in 1949. Two years later the Tuček factory also was incorporated under the Organa Cooperative name.

Organ builder’s workshop

The majority of Melzer’s organs have pneumatic actions, soundboards are membrane or cone chests. Under the influence of his brother, Eustach Melzer, who wrote a work on the use of electricity in organ building, Josef Melzer tried to apply electricity in the “Unit” pneumatic system.

Text: Marek Cepko