Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Ludwig Mooser

[Mooser, Moser, Mózer, Moozer; Ludwig, Lajos]

* 30.1.1807, Vienna
† 22.5.1881, Hatvan (Hungary)

He was born into the family of the organ builder Peter A. Mooser. He trained in organ building with his father. After the latter's death in 1823 he set out on his travels as a sixteen-year-old. From 1830 he was with the army, from which he was released only in 1840. He married before his military service had yet ended. He settled in Salzburg (Austria). In Salzburg he founded an important organ building workshop where he employed about ten workers, occasionally taking on other assistants also, so that sometimes he had 18 to 20 people under him. His sons Carl and Joseph trained as organ builders and worked together with him. He was also helped in the workshop by Jozef's daughter. Approximately 180 to 200 instruments were made in the workshop, including many two-manual and some three-manual organs. Orders came from all of Austria-Hungary, but Mooser worked also beyond the borders, for example in Russia. He also built a number of opuses in Slovakia. Responding to the considerable number of orders from Hungarian territory from the 1850s on, after his wife's death (1863) he opened a branch in Eger, where in 1863 he became an honorary burgher. From 1878 he was unable to continue working, due to severe health problems.

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer