Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Vavrinec Čajkovský

[Czeukowszky, Czeikofsky, Czaykovsky, Czeikowiitz, Czegowitz; Lorentz, Laurentius]

* 1677, Kremnica
† 6.8.1749, Levoča

Vavrinec Čajkovský trained as an organ builder under Martin Zorkovský in Kremnica. In 1713 he became a citizen of Levoča. In Levoča he worked as a manufacturer of organs and other keyboard instruments. He lived in the town’s ninth ward. In 1734 he became a senator. On his seal (diameter 15 mm) is a representation of St Cecilia with, in one hand, a tuning cone and, in the other, a portative with the initials L. C. We find his name in the tax books for the years 1719 – 1746.

Organ builder’s workshop

Three preserved instruments of Čajkovský’s work are known – the organ for Kežmarok’s Lutheran Articular Church, the positive for Veľký Slavkov RC Church and a so far undated positive which is in the collections of the Kremnica Museum of Coins and Medals. This positive is extremely interesting for there is no stop of basic (8 foot) pitch. In all three instruments the manual compass is C – c3 with short bottom octave; the original pedal compass in Kežmarok’s Lutheran Articular Church was C – c1 with short bottom octave (21 keys and notes).

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer