Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Jozef Demeter

[Demmeter; Joseph]

* 1824, Švedlár
† 1873, probably Švedlár

He trained as an organ builder in Vienna in W. Bachmann’s workshop where he remained for nine years. In 1846 he worked as an assistant with the Pest organ builder Lajos Agoston Bárány. Together with his master and another assistant, István Kolonits, he took part in the construction of the organ in Stoličný Belehrad (Székésfehérvár, Hungary). Later he went independent and opened his own organ building workshop in Švedlár. According to available sources he built no new organs but applied himself to rebuilds, specification changes and repairs. In the 1860s he fairly often cooperated with the Levoča organ builder Ján Stanzer.

Organ builder’s workshop

Detailed information about J. Demeter’s workshop has not survived. However, it was definitely only a small one where he worked alone or with one assistant. The instruments which he repaired or rebuilt he sometimes identified with his own nameplate.

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer