Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Johann Baier

[Baier, Paier, Bayer, Bayr; Johann]

* date unknown, place unknown
† date unknown, place unknown

An organ builder of German origin, Ján Baier worked in Trnava approximately in the middle of the 17th century. More detailed biographical data are lacking. He used an eight-sided signet ring. In the main field there was a lion with spread legs, a pipe and initials I. B. in its front paws. He co-operated with the Trnava organ builder Markus Denzl.

Organ builder’s workshop

In 1648 he worked on repairing and resiting the large organ in Bratislava’s Cathedral of St Martin. Later, on 10 June 1656, he co-signed a contract with M. Denzl to build an organ for the Slovak Lutheran Church in Banská Bystrica.

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer