Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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Konštantín Bednár

[Bednár, Bednar; Constantin, Konstantin, Konštantín]

* 24.2.1866, Želeč (today Czech Republic)
† 23.6.1942, Trnava

Konštantín Bednár was born on 24 February 1866 in Želeč in Moravia. From 1881 he studied in Bratislava under the organ builder, Vincent Možný, who also hailed from Želeč. After training there he remained as a journeyman. When Možný ceased working in 1914, he took over the workshop from him and led it until 1941. He died in Trnava on 23 June 1942. He was buried in Bratislava.

Organ builder’s workshop

He was in business independently from as early as 1915 when he repaired the bellows of the two manual organ in Močenok. After returning from the front in the First World War, he opened a workshop in Cukrová (Tilgnerova) street in Bratislava. He concerned himself mostly with repairs and the rebuilding of older instruments, mainly in the area of Žitný Island. He also built a few smaller jobs, initially with mechanical actions and slider soundboards or cone chests. Instruments of the later period have pneumatic actions and cone chests. His last job was an organ with slider soundboads and pneumatic actions which he constructed in 1940 for the Brothers of Mercy Church in Skalica. Barker levers open the manual and pedal pallets. The sliders are also operated by large Barker levers.

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer