Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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From the organ’s history

1751, Martin Podkonický – New organ.

1837 – Tuning of the organ is recorded which was carried out by teacher František Medrický.

Beginning of the 20th century, Jozef Hardoník – Overhaul.

1970s, Organa Kutná Hora – Extensive changes. The firm installed a new console, made the bottom octaves of manual and pedal chromatic, and enlarged the manual compass in the treble to a3, the Pedal compass to d1. The additions stood on pneumatic cone chests. Fortunately the original specification remained undisturbed.

2004, Michal Káčerík – Overhaul which aimed at returning the instrument to its original state.

Firm’s name

Costructit // Martinus Potkonicky // Organopagus Neosoliumss // Anno Dommini

Text: Marian Alojz Mayer