Organs and Organ Builders in Slovakia
1651 – 2006
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From the organ’s history

1909, Rieger – New organ, opus 1498.

1969 – Ladislav Gábor – Specification change: three original stops (their names are not known) were replaced by Quint 2 2/3‘, Superoctave 2‘, Choralbass 4‘; tremulant added.

1996 – 2004, František Vitéz – General overhaul.

The organ is from the workshop of Rieger’s Budapest factory. Later small amendments to the original specification did not disturb the original romantic sound characteristics of the instrument. Since 1992 the Jozef Grešák Organ Days Festival has taken place here.

Firm’s name

Opus 1498 Rieger Ottó Budapest

Text: Marek Cepko